Coconut and Peach Tart

There are few things I love more than seasonal fruit, and now that summer is in full swing, peaches and nectarines are a must! Sweet and juicy, and bursting with flavour! Though I love to eat them raw, there's always the few that refuse to cooperate and soften up, so this recipe is perfect for them! 

It's a combination of tart and cake. The edges are lightly crisped up by the baking, yet the base is so soft but dense enough to be the perfect vessel for the peaches. The caramel from the peach filling lightly seeps into the base making it so moist and is perfectly offset by the coconut. It tastes like summer!

It's so perfect to share with family and friends on a summer evening, topped with some ice-cream or served with a cool glass of iced-tea. Try it, it's a winner!



  • 1 Cup Dates

  • 2 Cups Dessicated Coconut

  • 1 Cup Ground Almonds

  • Pinch of Salt


  • 5 Peaches

  • 1/4 CupHoney/Maple Syrup

  • 3 Tbsp Brown Sugar/Coconut Sugar

  • 1 Cup Milk (I used Coconut)


Preheat oven to 160°C Fan/180°C

  1. Blend all the ingredients for the base in the food processor until they form a rubble (add 1-2 Tbsp water if needed)

  2. Press into tart pan and up the sides until even

  3. Prick with fork across base and bake for 15-20 mins until golden

  4. As base cools down, half the peaches and slice each half into 5-6 peices

  5. Add to a pan with honey and sugar on a medium heat

  6. Once sweeteners start to disolve, add the milk 2 Tbsp at a time until bubbly like a caramel (you may not need all the milk, just enough to caramelize the fruit)

  7. Leave the peaches to cook until soft but still - about 5 mins

  8. Transfer to a plate and leave to cool until you can touch them

  9. Assemble onto base, I manage about 2 layers of peach

  10. Chill the tart at room temp. or in the fridge

  11. Done!