Welcome to Jenan Land! My little world where I share recipes and experiences. 

I firmly believe  that eating well and having a good mindset are key to living well, and by sharing my recipes I want to allow you to be able to indulge and eat well too! I love developing recipes and have been doing so for a long time, so I thought it was about time I shared them. For years I've been the most avid of bakers, eventually transitioning into making cakes for weddings and other events. But my love for health and vitality was too over powering not to share. So now I do both! 

I want to share recipes that aren't only delicious, but also incredibly nourishing, using ingredients that are widely available. Living and eating healthily, and sharing it with family and friends should be a joy not a burden! Eating well and feeling well share a direct correlation, and do not at all encompass deprivation. There are no set rules on how to be 'healthy' if you're feeling great and we often hear about diets that claim to do it all, but we all have different lives, bodies and requirements. So feel free to adapt my recipes using ingredients you already have or enjoy as after all, eating should be a pleasure!

For inquiries please contact: hello@jenanland.com